Global payments and legal compliance made easy with Revelo Payroll

Pay and offer benefits for your international contractors in an all-in-one platform.
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Reduced costs

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Pay in local currency
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Save up to $100k+ every year
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Unlimited payroll runs. No extra charges
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Localized perks

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Coworking spaces
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Healthcare, gym and wellbeing features
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GitHub Copilot and more!
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100% compliant

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Country-specific regulations
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Compensatory expenses protection
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24/7 support from experts

150+ countries covered.

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Consolidated daily operations
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Local law compliance
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Track performance with GitHub
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Just a few steps and voilá! Automated results.

1. Add contractor info

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2. Add company info

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Legal name
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Billing address

3. Choose benefits

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Health/dental insurance
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4. Choose payment

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Bank transfer
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ACH direct debit

5. Review details

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100% compliant
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Autopiloted payroll
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Zero cost
Global benefits.
Gym membership, coworking spaces, accounting and GitHub Copiot. Customize perks with a click.
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Make right decisions. Faster.

Thanks to AI, X-Ray your team performance to detect bottlenecks, align career expectations and retain crucial talents.
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Managing global tech teams requires time and efficiency.
Revelo Payroll helps you with both.
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Your questions, answered.

A Revelo é um banco?

A Revelo não é um banco, mas nosso sistema de transferência de pagamentos funciona por meio de contratos entre empresas e contratantes. Graças às nossas parcerias com terceiros, conseguimos oferecer taxas de transferência muito abaixo do mercado. Além disso, nosso modelo de negócios diversificado nos dá uma vantagem competitiva única. Aproveite essa oportunidade para economizar e receba seus pagamentos de forma eficiente com a Revelo!

Why outsource my payroll to Revelo?

- First payroll designed for remote tech teams
- Reduce your costs: the best processing fee you can get, zero!
- Delight your team: Offer localized benefits and perks
- Compliant: Stay safe with country-specific payroll and employment laws.
- Insights: Discover productivity bottlenecks, align career expectations, and improve your hiring process with AI-powered tools.

How many contractors can I add?

As many as you want. There’s no minimum or maximum here.

What kind of contracts are covered?

- International contractors
- 150+ countries covered

What kind of contracts are not covered?

- Full-time Employees (W2)
- US-based contractors
We do not cover contractors in the following countries:
‍1. Afghanistan
2. Burundi
3. Central African Republic
4. Congo Republic
5. Cuba
6. Crimea
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. Eritrea
9. Guinea
10. Guinea-Bissau
11. Iran
12. Iraq
13. Liberia
14. Libya
15. Myanmar
16. North Korea
17. Papua New Guinea
18. Russia
19. Somalia
20. South Sudan
21. Sudan
22. Syria
23. Vanuatu
24. Venezuela
25. Yemen
26. Zimbabwe

What’s included?

- Payroll Management
- Legal liabilities coverage
- Core benefits
- Tools to help you manage your tech team

What’s covered in the legal liability?

- Guarantee that the Services, the Contracts, and their corresponding contractual framework are in compliance with all tax and labor international, federal, state, provincial, and local laws, statutes, rules, regulations, and ordinances aspects arising therefrom- Misclassification protection while using Revelo, for the contractors you are using Revelo to pay:
- up to a limit of $25k per contract  
- $250k per client
- Legal costs
- Tax penalties
- 3rd party indemnity: up to $25k

What are the core benefits?

Revelo offers Payroll plans with competitive and localized benefits to help you keep great talent within your company.
Your contractor will have:

- Access to co-working space (WeWork + hundreds of other local options)
- Get paid in the currency of choose: local currency, US Dollars (local US or international wire), Crypto
- Gympass membership
- No International exchange expenses for candidates or companies

What benefits can be added?

- Health Insurance    
- Safety Wing (Global)    
- Brazilian-specific providers (Seguros Unimed or SafetyWing)
- Equipment fee

What regions/countries does Gympass cover?

- Argentina
- Brazil
- Chile
- Germany
- Ireland
- Italy
- Mexico
- Spain
- UK

What does my company have to do in the payroll processing with Revelo?

All you have to do is click one button per month to pay all your team.
Leave the calculation of tax, benefits, and payroll to a dedicated team of experts versed in U.S. and international payroll.

Can you cancel the payroll plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Can I customize the pay period and payment dates for my contractors? How flexible are these options?

No. Payments will be processed through Revelo and all invoices will be sent on the third day of the month.

What happens if my company doesn’t pay on the scheduled day?

Your contractors’ payment won’t be processed. So, they won’t receive their salary or benefits.

Can I integrate Revelo’s payroll with my HR or accounting software?

Not yet. But our Tech and Product teams are working on it!

After I complete the set up, what happens?

Our team will be in touch with you with the next steps, which are:
1. Your company will sign the contract with Revelo and contractor(s).
2. Revelo will onboard your contractors, providing a detailed overview on the benefits and platform.
3. Your company will be receive the first billing.

How is the onboarding of my contractors to Revelo’s payroll?

The contractor receives an email to download the Revelo GO app and set up their account.

Through the Revelo Go app, contractors can:

- Fill in all their personal information for the invoice
- See their upcoming payments
- See their invoices
- Sign the contract for the payroll
- See all their benefits available
- Ask for PTO and reimbursement when necessary