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Perfect tech candidates in 3 steps


Set your assessment

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Choose between proven test questions or design your own! We create async video assessments for your candidates.


Invite tech candidates

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Once your video assessment is ready, share it with your candidate pool to request their responses for analysis.


Review insights

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Receive results, data and material to make right decisions.

Streamlined screening processes, minimum hiring pitfalls

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Fast, high-quality analysis with AI

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Library with over 100 real questions answered by more than 3,000 developers.
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OpenAI's cutting-edge technology as a heart of our evaluation process.
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Evaluate multiple candidates at scale

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Contact only those applicants qualified for your openings.
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Share the results with your team for hiring decisions.
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Sift candidates 3x times faster than traditional methods.
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Get candidate insights to reduce hiring risks

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AI-powered evaluation of performance metrics and insights.
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Analyze prospects according to Revelo’s approved benchmarks.
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Cheating-proof design

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No right/wrong questions: candidates’ answers depends on experience and knowledge.
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Varying degrees of correctness, similar to a real interview.
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Deliver a positive candidate experience

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Personalized tasks that help candidates feel engaged and motivated.
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Bye to rushed, unnerving coding exercises.
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